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Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

METS produces highly accurate analytical data of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, food additives, pesticides and other organic compounds.

We go out and take your samples - from air, water, sediments or any biological material.

We analyze the samples and interpret the data. And we explain them to you!

We write a comprehensive monitoring report - to you or directly to the authorities on your behalf. We defend the report in your name.

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  • Isokinetic Stack Monitoring

    Particulate Matter (Dust) from Industry Stacks

    METS offers isokinetic stack monitoring for particulate matter, following US EPA method 5.

    Static pressure, gas velocity and cyclone flow are measured according to Method 2, and the nozzle size and K-factor are determined using Method 3. The formulas from Method 4 serve to calculate the moisture content, before the actual Particulate Matter load is determined following the formalism of US EPA test Method 5.

  • Point Source Gas Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Dust Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Gas Monitoring
  • Noise Dose Rate Measurement
  • Greehouse Gas Reporting


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